Creativity, Solitude and Happiness

  24″ x 30″ acrylic © 2018, Molly Larson Cook “A Felicidade” “In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~ Rollo May I’ve begun work on a new collection of jazz paintings, putting my solitude to constructive use as Dr. May suggested.  I’ve long been open to creativity, … Continue reading Creativity, Solitude and Happiness

Robin Hood’s Barn

My dear father-in-law had a saying about occasions when it seemed that a person was taking too much time to get somewhere or had deliberately made the trip longer than necessary or just seemed to be lost on the way or was telling some convoluted and long-winded story. “That fellow went all the way around Robin Hood’s barn to get there.” The phrase came to me again … Continue reading Robin Hood’s Barn

That Certain Feeling

Fledgling red wing blackbird All the years I was a writer and especially when I was working on my one published novel (there are others in boxes or my computer files), I discovered an odd emotion that came when I knew a passage was right. Dead-on right. When the pieces clicked together not in the “well-made” sense, which is death to good writing, but in … Continue reading That Certain Feeling

Notes from the “What the Hell – Why Not?” School of Painting

I was a writer for many years – corporate writing, technical writing, editing, free-lance journalism. I penned the occasional poem or short story and eventually wrote novels and full-length plays.  I’m still a writer, but no longer for money.  I’ve graduated to being the fledgling artist that I am these days, satisfying a deeper and older creative urge. When I was a writer – and … Continue reading Notes from the “What the Hell – Why Not?” School of Painting