To Frame or Not to Frame

When I began to think about submitting paintings for art shows, I also began to think about frames for those paintings.  As I strolled through framing stores or framing sections of art supply stores, I thought more about it. Looking at art in galleries and museums, frames are even more on my mind – the many styles and possibilities. I sometimes wonder why an artist chose a particular … Continue reading To Frame or Not to Frame

Life on the Edge(s)

I’ve been working on edges this week. In Walt Disney’s version of Alice in Wonderland, there’s a musical number, “Painting the Roses Red,” in which the minions of the Queen of Hearts are tasked with doing just that – painting the white roses red. I’ve been humming that tune all week, adding my own words, “Painting the edges black.”  And doing just that to the … Continue reading Life on the Edge(s)