Breaking the Rules, Asking the Questions

“Soft Summer Breeze” 22 x 28, copyright Molly Larson Cook, 2018 Acrylic on Canvas   Although Robert Henri wrote and painted years before abstract expressionism came into play, I find a lot of inspiration for my abstract work in some of the passages in his never-out-of-my-sight book, The Art Spirit. To wit:  “A great painter will know a great deal about how he did it, … Continue reading Breaking the Rules, Asking the Questions

The Painting Part — with Singing and Dancing

“Morning Dance” © 2018, Molly Larson Cook Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 30″   “Painting is the easiest job on earth, until you get to the painting part.” Brian Rutenberg I’d like to meet Brian Rutenberg and if I ever get back to New York, I’ll look him up.  I found this line of his on somebody else’s blog and immediately remembered Picasso’s declaration that … Continue reading The Painting Part — with Singing and Dancing

The Poetry and Jazz of Painting

“Birdland,”  © 2018, Molly Larson Cook 22″ x 28,” acrylic “An artist’s warehouse, full of experience, is not a store of successful phrases ready for use, but is a store of raw material. The successful phrases are there, but they have been broken down to be made over into new form. Those who have the will to create do not care to use old phrases. … Continue reading The Poetry and Jazz of Painting

Who Put the Art in the Party?

Part of my wall at the HYPE Gallery It was no coincidence that “art” was right in the middle of “party” on Saturday night at the Studio Door/HYPE Gallery in San Diego.  Live jazz, good wine, happy people, great conversations, a little dancing and – of course – art! Like writers, artists like me without a big studio where I can invite people in work much of the … Continue reading Who Put the Art in the Party?


  January is now over and February is upon us.  I vowed to take the month of January off to recoup after the holidays and unsettling  news stories.  By the end of December, my painting mojo was on some other planet and I needed time to find it again.  So, no social activities, concerts or major events in quiet January. I broke the quiet last evening … Continue reading Resonance

Robin Hood’s Barn

My dear father-in-law had a saying about occasions when it seemed that a person was taking too much time to get somewhere or had deliberately made the trip longer than necessary or just seemed to be lost on the way or was telling some convoluted and long-winded story. “That fellow went all the way around Robin Hood’s barn to get there.” The phrase came to me again … Continue reading Robin Hood’s Barn