Doing As Little As Possible

“Boy, Howdy” ©2018, Molly Larson Cook, 22 x 28, acrylic on canvas Available The Dog Days of August are upon us…the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer with heat waves everywhere on the planet.  This weather is conducive to one thing for artists – doing as little as possible. Not that we’re not doing anything.  We’re just doing the little things like reorganizing our supplies, … Continue reading Doing As Little As Possible

Iconic Books, Individuality and Confidence

Robert Henri and his 1923 book, The Art Spirit, continue to be wise and welcome companions on this artist’s journey. I have begun to carry the book around with me the way I once carried Walden and Yevtushenko’s Selected Poems and Steinbeck’s Log from the Sea of Cortez.  There were others over the years. We all have our iconic books at one time or another. Henri, … Continue reading Iconic Books, Individuality and Confidence

A Note on Technique

Last time I posted a photo of a recent painting, “Map of the Elusive Waterway,” and it generated a couple of questions about my technique. Did I have a plan when I started a painting?  Did I just throw the paint on and see what happened? I think any abstract artist might be asked similar questions.  Anyone who thinks Jackson Pollock’s drip or action paintings … Continue reading A Note on Technique

Hippos in Tutus and Other Odd Thoughts about Art

As I work at my continuing/continual self-education in the art world, I read a lot of articles and blogs about art.  They’re often quite helpful and informative, but I realized recently that few of the articles I read actually have to do with the work of art – technique, problem-solving, materials, tools, etc. Rather, nearly all the articles from any art source these days are about marketing. … Continue reading Hippos in Tutus and Other Odd Thoughts about Art